OFF Biennale

OFF-Biennale Budapest is the largest contemporary art event in Hungary. OFF’s mission is to strengthen the local independent art scene, and initiate public discourse about urgent yet neglected social, political, and environmental issues.

We created their annual in 2021 with the theme "INHALE"
INHALE!, takes the seminal political poem “A Breath of Air!” by 20th-century Hungarian poet Attila József as its starting point. In our 21st-century reading of the poem, a “breath of air ” refers simultaneously to the galloping climate catastrophe and to the threat posed on civil liberties by populist regimes and global capital alike. To the vital substance that is more than a token of our survival: “fresh air” is also a symbol of freedom—it can refer to a site or situation in which it is possible to breathe freely.

The Identity manifests this symbolic thirst for air with its vivid colour palette, energetic layouts and a set of symbolic icons to communicate the theme's versatile messages across the brand.

Budapest, Hungary
Brand and Identity