Together we helped Enerim redefine their purpose and articulate their belief in a world where everyone deserves clean energy. We crystallized this in the new company's slogan, “Powering the Change”, which is the foundation for their commitment to a more sustainable future.

The approach to the visual identity was to emphasise the technical background with an approachable & inspiring undertone. The visual system is defined by an uplifting colour set, a modern mono-grotesque brand font and rhythmically pulsating circular shapes as a metaphor for the sun, our main source of energy. Additionally the layouts are held together by grid lines meant to evoke electrical grids under & above the ground, providing the energy for our everyday lives.

The brand photography concept is based on ordinary yet dreamy moments of using light & energy. Moments that we might not pay too much attention to, but play an extraordinary role in modern life where sustainability is an essential aspect to care about.

Helsinki, Finland
Brand and Identity